I am experiencing lip swelling, hives (urticaria) and chest pain or discomfort whenever I swallow food or drink.?

See your doctor. for evaluation ASAP, go to ER or urgent care, you may want to keep emergency medicines handy, as injectable epinephrine, and antihistamines, also need to check your heart, and stomach, good luck.

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Lip swelling and hives after drinking hot tea...Should I be worried?

Swelling and hives. You may be allergic to something in that particular type of tea. There are many on the market. Perhaps try a different blend or brand to see if you have the same or no reaction. Discontinue the one you are drinking if it is causing these symptoms. Read more...

I am experiencing skin rash (quality: itchiness, bumpy) and lip swelling. The following also describes me: Hives (Urticaria). What should I do?

Maybe related. This may all be manifestations of your urticaria . You will need to have clarification as to why you have urticaria . This is something you can evaluate with your physician and possibly a specialist such as a dermatologist or an allergist. Read more...