Dr. Said I tested positive for recent mono infection. I have swollen lymph nodes in collarbone, under jaw, back of head. Not hungery, is this normal?

IM. Feeling ill often causes a loss of appetite. This is normal, and usually improves as the infection improves. It is important, even if you have no appetite, to drink an adequate amount of fluids. You are drinking adequate fluids if your urine is a pale yellow color.

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Dr said I have mono. Lymph nodes swollen on underside od jaw and just noticed one on the left side above collar bone. Is this normal?

Typical for mono. This sounds normal for infectious mononucleosis. Enlarged lymph nodes can occur all over the body, and above the collarbone (the supraclavicular fossa, in medical terminology) is a common site. That said, mono is pretty uncommon above age 25. Discuss with your doctor if any doubt about the diagnosis. Read more...