Is It Normal To Swallow The Blood Clot? I Had My 4 Teeth Pulled 6 Days Ago And When I Rinse My Mouth Out Yellow And White Stuff Came Out With It And

Needs evaluation. Unfortunately we can't examine you or diagnose your symptoms over the internet. Therefore we can't know if there is a problem that needs addressing or not. Please see the dentist who removed your teeth for a follow up evaluation which is part of normal aftercare.
Possibly. Usually a blood clot forms after tooth removal to stimulate the bony socket to fill in over time. Sometimes the clot rejects leading to slower and less comfortable healing. If painful, see your dentist for additional care and evaluation.

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"How" do I rinse my mouth with salt water after tooth extraction? After the surgery 24hrs, have put salt water in my mouth but didn't move it inside mouth to avoid dislodge the blood clot. Has been5 days. Can I move the salt water in my mouth&let it out?

Yes. 5 days after oral surgery is plenty of time for healing to occur enough to not have bleeding with simply swishing salt water around. Eating, even soft items like jello, is more traumatic that gently swishing water around. Any blood clot that is dislodged at this point is fine as long as active bleeding doesn't develop. Follow your oral surgeon's instructions and call the surgeon's office to check. Read more...