I am experiencing stomach cramps (quality: cramping in lower abdomen) and severe back pain.?

Severe? If your symptoms are severe then you should see a Dr soon. There are a wide range of possibilities including pregnancy-related (ectopic pregnancy being the most concerning). You can do a home pregnancy test to fairly conclusively exclude this. Try some over the counter pain relief medicines and if still not resolving then a consult with a Dr is a good idea.
Cramps. There are several cause of abdominal pain. Unless u are examined and detailed history taken it is difficult to ascertain the cause. Please see GP /ED for the same .
Abdominal cramps . Abdominal cramps with back pain can be due to constipation, diarrhoea, ectopic pregnancy, dysmenorrhea, urine infection , kidney stone etc . Some of these can be life threatening, Please see GP/ED immediately. .
Ultrasound. Abdominal and back pain can be caused by many different ailments. There are many structures where the pain could originate from such as the colon, ovaries, fallopian tubes, kidneys, ureters and uterus.If pain is ongoing you will need to see a Dr and get an ultrasound and blood tests done.
Not normal. Many things can cause your symptoms (adhesions, colon issues, anal issues, endometriosis, etc) but clearly, it is not normal to have 'severe' pain with bms. See your md asap for evaluation. If the pain is truly severe and getting worse you may need to go to er.
Periods? Stomach cramps and back pain may be related to your periods.
Abdominal pain. A variety of possibilities some serious eg ectopic pregnancy appendicitis kidney infection can all present with significant back and abdominal pain. Please see a doctor urgently in the emergency department or local a and m.

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