Have allergic rhinitis now partially blocked tear duct. Had Ct scan at my request normal except nasal and sinus inflammation does r/o tumor in duct?

Needs special view. with thinner cuts / high resolution study, and ask in the request that a mass is suspected in the tear ducts, but what makes you suspect such diagnosis? please confer with your opthalmologist/ otolaryngologist for evaluation, best wishes.

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Can swollen nasal passage and sinus cause partially blocked tear duct Ct scan showed no growths?

Maybe. The tear ducts are small channels or pipe like structures that originate as a drain at the base of the tear sac.The tear sac is just below the inner corner of your eye. The drains hug the inside of the nasal wall & drain near the base. If they become swollen or blocked by debris they won't drain well. Eye surgeons can put a thin wire probe through through them to open the channel. Read more...