I have sex with call girl I removed condom with my hand any chances to get HIV?

Depends on the girl. One cannot catch HIV by having sex with a girl who does not have HIV. The question one must answer is whether or not the girl has HIV. That said, condoms are very good protection against catching HIV. Also, "sex" means different things to different people. Regular sex (penis and vagina) should not transmit HIV if a condom is used... but life is not 100% predictable. If worried, avoid call girls.

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I have jock itch with reddish colour I did sex with call girl using condom can I get hiv?

Hard to say. How long after the sexual intercourse did you develop the itch? My suspicion is that you might have contracted scabies which can often be treated with a topical scabicide. Since you live in a tropical climate, candida infection at the groin areas in another consideration. Glad that you had used a condom which greatly reduces the risk to contract HIV. Read more...