I started having pimple like bumps around the lips of my vagina and watery yellow discharge. My partner is std free & only person I've had sex with

Herpes? This sounds like a newly acquired genital herpes infection. Genital or oral herpes is common in monogamous, apparently STD-free persons without symptoms. See a doctor ASAP: accurate diagnosis of herpes is easier the earlier testing is done, and treatment is more effective the earlier it is started. Try to see someone today, even if it means a visit to an urgent care clinic.

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I have a pimple-like bump on the outside of my vagina- I noticed 5 or so days ago, and I need to know if it may be an STD it's a big red itchy pimple-like bump (possibly a spider bite?) on the right outer area of the vagina "lips." I've only had sex with

Please . Please get evaluated by planned parenthood. It could be an infection that could be treated if caught early. It is very important that you have this evaluated, and there are people who want to help you. Please always use a condom to prevent infection. Read more...

What causes bumps on lip of vagina sry not trying to be gross. Std free went to Dr. Is it from shaving, periods?

Here are some... For any skin lesions, it's surely hard to offer right Dx without more detailed Hx & a direct look. But, to get things done correctly is not that difficult if following instructions in http://formefirst.com/eNewsletter06.html; thereby, you gain much insight on how to work timely & closely with Doc so to reach right Dx for right Rx & care. Clinically, hyperactive sebasecous glands are likely... Read more...