Is it safe to fly after a concussion and WAD2 after 2.5 months? I still get dizziness, pressure at back of head and headaches.

Post traumatic HA. post traumatic headaches can be a problem. I would suggest that you see a neurologist that specializes in this type of thing. Inappropriate treatments will make your problem worse.

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Stood up in bathroom and hit back of head on pedestal sink. No LOC, just mild dizziness and 2/10 occassional headache. Concussion or worse?

Need examination. I highly recommend you get a neurological evaluation so that a good baseline can be obtained and the history be clarified in order to determine whether or not you truly had a concussion or just a good WHACK to the noggin. If you'd like a private 1-1 I'd be happy to help. Write to Read more...