I had a small cut that is not bleeding in my lower lips french kissed a random girl for<1 min and her saliva touched my lower lip, need a hiv test?

Unlikely exposure. Unless this girl had bleeding gums along with HIV there is little chance she could have exposed you. Yes, a cut in your mouth/lip could be an access point. But there are salivary enzymes that suppress the transfer of this virus.If there were bleeding in her mouth/gums,throat which you would likely taste, you might be exposed. You may just want a test to ease your mind.

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French kiss 2 days ago less than 1 min with random girl, but chapped lips before 5-3 hours, Do I need Hiv test and take PEP? NEED HELP, night sweats

Something else. Firstly you don't get HIV from French kissing. 2nd HIV symptoms do not come on within days after the infection. Your night sweats are from something else. If this problem persists for more than 2 weeks or gets worse, consult your doctor. Read more...