I am experiencing sinus and facial pressure and ear pressure as well as Eye irritation. No stuffy nose. No facial pain?

Pressure. You have any history of sinusitis or headaches? Consult with us to determine if you need further evaluation. meantime follow "low inflammatory diet" at Eyedoc2020.blogspot.com to see if diet change makes it go away which might help. .

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I am experiencing ear itch and ear pressure, sometimes it feels hot, stuffy nose, and coughing when I first get up

? Allergy . or rather inflammation of your upper airways,affecting your middle ear through Eustachian tube congestion,and also producing cough through irritation of upper respiratory passages.The common environmental trigger in such instance is dust mites present in pillows and mattresses, u may be allergic to it,hence the symptoms. Saline nasal washes, washing and drying pillows 1 / wk, & go to an allergist . Read more...