In pregnancy, can u have cholestasis without the itching?

Yes. Bloodwork will show cholestatic changes. Pruritis (itching) is common but not always present.
Itch and cholestasis. Itch is common but not always a symptom of cholestasis . Yellowing of the eyes, fatigue, etc. May be found. Check with your doctor if you suspect cholestasis.

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How can YOU DIFFERENTIATE Cholestasis of pregnancy from other itching. Having random spots of itching that feel like prikles on my skin. 28 weeks toda?

A few ways. Cholestasis causes total body itching not just in patches or in random areas. Your doctor can do a good test called bile acids. Your doctor can also try you on Ursadiol to see how you respond. Cholestasis will improve. Other causes of itching will not. Read more...

I had cholestasis of pregnancy. I am over 2mo post delivery and the itching hasn't gone away. Liver function tests are normal. What do I do now?

Specialist . The itching from cholestasis should resolve 24-48 hrs after delivery. If you are still itching then it is from something else. Schedule a visit with an allergy/immunology specialist or perhaps a dermatologist. Read more...

How long does pruritus associated with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy last?

Until pregnancy ends. Cholestasis of pregnancy is a considition which generally occurs in the 3rd trimester and is characterized by intense pruritis without rash and increase serum levels of free bile acids. The condition lasts until the pregnancy ends. The pruritis sometimes can be controlled with medications, such as ursodiol. Read more...