Negative EMG/nerve conduction study. Negative MRI of head/neck. Physical therapy no help. Weakness in left arm for 6+ months. What could it be?

Details. Without having more history or context, nor the results of what was done, it is difficult to make an assessment. Suggest you obtain a second opinion, whether it is here on a virtual concierge consult, or with other doctors either in your area or at a tertiary care center like Ohio State.

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Emg/mri of head and neck with contrast normal. Still feel weak, fat feeling in left arm and hand especially on top of hand. Hard to open and close?

Sounds ominous. Dont like those symptoms proper workup already completed but if EMG was too early in the course may be normal and will be abnormal at 2 weeks from start of symptoms for a nerve entrapment otherwise stroke would be in the differential. Read more...