Had an echocardiogram the other day and it said I have trace regurgitation In the mitral, tri Cuspid and pulmonic valves is this abnormal?

No optimal yet also. not rare. Is this normal (defined by Medical Industry as average to include the central ~96%)? Yes. As long as the amount of regurgitation is mild and does not get worse over time, unlikely to ever be a problem. BP important: ?ed systemic BP (what is usually measured) will ? the mitral regurgitation; optimally keep resting SBP <120 mmHg. ?ed pulmonary BP will ? tricuspid & pulmonic regurgitation.
Yes but mayb insigni. Echocardiograms are more sensitive than the human body, so a small amount of leakage from valves that do NOT cause symptoms can be detected. No valve is perfect, & heart valves can degenerate (wear out) over time. Trace mitral regurg is perhaps the most worrisome; usually trace pulmonic & tricuspid regurg is insignificant. Don't worry too much... keep a copy of the report for future reference. GL.

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My echocardiogram showed mild tricuspid regurg and trace pulmonic and mitral regurg. Is it common to have regurg in 3 valves? Should I be worried?

It is not unusual. to have trace regurgitation or even mild regurgitation in multiple valves. It may represent a collagen vascular disorder but is probably just normal for you. Discuss these concerns with your health care provider since she/he will have your entire medical history available and therefore be in a much better position to be able to advise you. Read more...