My immune system has change since a staph infection. My skin is really irritating in some areas, what can I use for my skin to calm the irritation?

Irritated skin. Hi there. Sometimes staph can secrete what is called a superantigen which can activate the immune system or possibly it is just that abnormal skin takes time to teal and you should take care of the skin by using moisturizers.

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Is the immune system supressed during a staph infection?

Unlikely. In general bacterial infections don't "suppress" the immune system; instead, the bodies immune system is increased to fight such infection. However, if a person is immune suppressed or has an immune deficiency, then bacterial infections such as staph are more likely. An example is chronic granulomatous disease. Persons with eczema are more prone to skin infections with staph as well. Read more...

Can a person who just recovered from cancer and has a weak immune system also recover from staph infection?

Of course. Cancer doesn't really weaken the immune system nearly so much as pop claims suggest. And today's antibiotics handle all but the very nastiest staph infections. Good luck. Read more...