Wheezing cough that causes vomiting, constant chest pain, severe headache, fatigue, 99.5-100.5 fever, flushed face, sore throat, green mucus. Ideas?

GetChecked/Treated. From the symptoms you describe,fever,chest pain,headache,sore throat and green mucus .It seems you have a respiratory Infection.It could be a Bacterial infection as you have green mucus.Get it checked by your Doctor as you may need Antibiotics if doctor feels you need after your examination.

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Occasional wheezing&chest pains, frequent coughs with sore throat and bright yellow mucus. Fatigued easily when e.G walking up stairs - exercise reg.

It's difficult. To make diagnosis here. You still will need lung studies, to tell us what is wrong. We need to examine you. The one who can do it best is your own doctor. Go to your doctor, tell all your symptoms honestly and you can have all the tests needed including exercise test to see why you have problem. Good luck. Read more...