I am experiencing pain with urination and vaginal pain and rash on the outside of my labia minora by my Clitoris.?

Yeast Infection. A yeast infection causes itching and sometimes a vaginal discharge that looks something like cottage cheese. You can get really good treatments for this without a prescription at a pharmacy. The burning with urination can be related to the yeast infection or it can be from a bladder infection. You may want to see a doctor about this or call HealthTap Concierge. Best wishes!

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Having a red boil in labia minora. 1cm. I had painful urination yesterday and went away soon, but still have the boil. Is it ok to leave it?

See answer. Would recommend continue to monitor and apply moist heat or warm tub bath(s) to help either "draw out" the infection or help it get smaller over the next 7-10 days. Since at some point you should be examined by your gyne md, i would recommend you contact him/her or their nurse for any further recommendations regarding treatment and follow-up. If a bartholin's gland cyst, high rate of recurrence. Read more...