I have Diverticulosis in the splenic flexure it continues to spasm and cause pain causing air to back up in my transverse colon. What can I do?

Diet, fiber, fluids. "diverticulosis" is a condition where the colon has small outpouchings (diverticuli) of the colon lining that can get plugged up and infected causing symptoms."diverticulitits" is an inflamation of these divertiuli of the colon. There are antibiotics can cure the infection but not the diverticuli. Surgery to remove the section of colon "diverticuli" will often cure the disease. .

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Can adult Hirschsprungs, redundancy of transverse colon, cause accessory spleen from spleen injury caused by colon adhesion at the splenic flexure?

Not quite, but.... An accessory spleen is something that one person in four is born with, or that can happen if the splenic capsule is torn and some of the pulp is released. If this happened at the time that an injury formed the colonic adjesion, this may be the explanation. Accessory spleens are little curiosities for the most part. Best wishes. Read more...