I have pain in lower left pelvic area. Female 34. Went to dr last 3 days. Blood in urine. No infection, no stone, or cysts. Frequency to urinate?

Pelvic pain. Many different things can give you those symptoms. Diverticulitis, colitis, colon polyps, adhesions/obstruction, ovarian cysts, less likely cancers can all give you left pelvic pains. If this is recurrent or has lasted more than a couple days i would see a surgeon or gynecologist asap. They will be able to examine, take a good history, obtain images or obtain a colonoscopy that will help.

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My consultant wants to see me for a cystoscopy and scan of my kidneys, had 12mths+ of blood in urine, no infection, pelvic pain Which scan will he do?

Likely CT scan. Your consultant will likely order a CT scan without and with intravenous contrast, including some delayed images about 5 minutes after contrast administration to get the best assessment of the kidneys, ureters (given history of hematuria) and other abdominal and pelvic organs. A urine sample should also be sent for a cytologic analysis to pathologist. Read more...

What would cause extreme pelvic pain off and on and blood in urine between periods?

Pelvic pain /blood. May be vaginal infection like mycoplasma/ureoplasma, may be UTi or interstitial cystitis. Is this new or has been goign on for months .if new, and still early for HCG may be implantation bleeding or rarely endometriosis. F/U with doctor urgent care. Read more...