Why do headaches hurt?

Can't be exact about. The cause of headaches because there are several major types, e.g., vascular, sinus, muscular, tension, etc. Please see you doc so he/she can examine you and give you the proper treatment for the type of headache you have. Sorry if you are dealing w/this. Peace and good health.
Migraines or tension. Of course headaches hurt. Causes of frequent headaches may include migraines or tension headache. More info and an examination is required to diagnose the cause of your headaches. Please see your family doctor.

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Why do I have headaches that hurts my eyes?

Headache. Because your eyes are directly connected to your brain sometimes headaches will caus e eye pain. Migraine headaches can cause eye pain and so can tension headaches. Read more...
Referred pain. The most common cause for headache feeling like it is in the eyes is from referred pain( sensation because of proximity of nerves to eyes) other more significant causes are possible however. Read more...