How do I get rid of a cough?

Cough. One needs to first identify the cause of the cough before it can be treated. Common causes are certain post nasal drainage, post viral cough, medications such as ace inhibitors, and extraesophageal or laryngopharyngeal reflux. Other more obscure causes can also treatable - eg ear wax impaction. Rarely, a cause cannot be identified. See a medical provider if your cough persists.
Depend on cause... There are many reasons to have a cough and if even one reason is not treated, you will continue coughing. The top reasons include bronchitis, bronchospasm, gerd (gastroesophageal reflux disease). These etiologies all require different therapies so see your doctor so the proper etiology can be found/treated thus eliminating your cough. The cough duration is an important factor to determine etiology.

Related Questions

How do I get rid of my cough instantly?

Silly question. You first have to figure out what the cause is. That could be that is being generated in the lungs from an infection or asthma or a habit cough or an allergy to something in your environment. Or it could be that you have a cough due to a post-nasal drip. Once you sit down with your physician and explore the many possible causes (and these were not all) a solution can be devised just for you.

Little tickle in my throat. The cold is gone so how do I get rid of the cough?

Time. A persistent cough after a cold can be do to several factors, post nasal drip, some patients with can have an asthma like problem (post viral cough or cough variant asthma) sometimes this will slowly resolve. Some patients respond to treatment of the underlying problem, for example in the some cases an inhaled steroid may help. A persistent cough needs a doctor visit to exclude other problems.
Treatments.... Sometimes there is residual bronchospasm once a cold resolves. This can be treated with bronchodilator and steroid inhalers until the bronchospasm and airway inflammation is completely gone. You may also have residual post-nasal drip which can be treated with nasal sprays. So, see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

How do I get rid of cough?

Depends. It really depends on the cause and duration and you other medical issues. If it is from a cold it will go away but hydration, rest, honey, tea, and over the counter cough medicines may help. In general cough medicines are not that helpful but may be worth a try. If it persists you should see your doctor to evaluate for more sinister causes.

How do I get rid of this reoccurring cough that happens year round?

See your doctor. There are many reasons why you might have a recurring or chronic cough, ranging from chronic lung dieases such as COPD or asthma, to acid reflux, to allergies and sinus disease. See your doctor to have these evaluated.
See your doctor. You should be examined by your doctor. Without listening to your chest, it would be difficult to determine the cause. It also depends on what other symptoms, if any, you have. Allergies are one very common cause for a lingering, or recurring cough, but there are other, more serious causes that should be investigated.

I had pneumonia and it went away but there is still a cough. Is this normal? How do I get rid of this annoying cough?

Let me explain. How do you know it went away? You have to be sure clinically and by x-ray. Go back to your doctor and tell about the cough he will give you something for it. (some thing have Codeine with it, it will get red of the cough).

How do I get rid of phlegm from cough in my 9month old baby?

See below. Patience. Using a vaporizer, the saline nose drops and elevation of the baby while laying down will help. But the baby ultimately has to heal themselves.
Infant saline nose. Drops followed by gentle suction of her nose with a bulb syringe help. Place a vaporizer across her bedroom, not close to her crib. If she has a rectal temperature of 100-4, laboredn breathing, decreased nursing &;/or decreased peeing, see her doctor. She'll swallow mucus & spit it up or pass it in her stool. As long as the mucus is loose & no other symptoms exist, give it about.