She has deficiency of Vitamin D. She has lower B12 and Iron level. Can you please suggest any vegetarian diet?

Get serious . This situation is extremely serious whether it is due to vegetarianism, which is likely, or due to some other disease which needs to be ruled out. Vegetarianism is the moral high ground but without supplementing with several essential nutrients it is unhealthy and potentially deadly. Your physician is your best guide.

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My recent lab tests came back with Iron level of 30, transferrin of 20%, low vitamin D, high B12 and high folate. Is this cause for concern?

Lab values. Low iron exists. Low vitamin D exists. These are not major threats but should be remedied. Take iron daily as a supplement. And add Vit d as a supplement. A real good iron pill is vitron C A good dose of Vit D is 1000 units per day . Read more...