Would an intermittent csf leak not be provoked by cisternogram? As Head is tilted down would this not put pressure on dura?

Possible. Intermittent CSF leak of the head can be missed if it is so minimal and very infrequent even if the head is not tilted down. However, the head is tilted down in a cisternogram because the nuclear medicine dye must be directed into the ventricles of the head in order for the dye to be seen leaking out of the head. Otherwise, the dye will travel down the spine and give a negative test.

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Have had headache, head pressure, tinnitus neck pain, blurry vision and tachycardia for three weeks. What could this be from? CSF leak?

Intractable migraine. In CSF leak the headache is worse when you sit up and improves when you lie down. Visit ER. Many clinicians consider parenteral administration of DHE 45, (dihydroergotamine) ketamine, lidocaine, other agents to be a very safe and reasonable treatment for intractable migraine. Good luck. Read more...