I'm a f/m 30 year old non smoker of 3 yrs. Normal ecgs, blood work & good cholesterol. What are my exact chances od suffering a Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

No one can tell. but you have much less chances than others who have risk factors like obesity, smoking, heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, etc... There are several factors in the equation, your only bailout is to lead a healthy life style. As for life expectancy, there are websites with calculators the give you an estimate, but no guarantee, best wishes .

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Can sudden cardiac arrest happen to a 30 yr healthy male with normal echo, ecg, ett, xray, blood work, non smoker, no fam hist? Worried about sca.

Very unlikely. Hi. With all those studies and no family history, please tell us why you're worried about sudden cardiac arrest. That seems illogical based on what you've told us. While we of course can't tell you it's IMpossible, we can assure you it's extremely unlikely. There are a number of rare circumstances where ventricular fibrillation can occur. Don't let an irrational fear get the better of you. Read more...

Worried about sudden cardiac arrest 24 female clear ECG clear blood work had seven day holter few years ago no history of sca mum has SVT?

Don't worry-be smart. You state you have no family history of sudden cardiac death and a normal blood work and ECG. Focus on a healthy lifestyle - eat well with Mediterranean style diet, exercise regularly, don't smoke, get a restful sleep each night and create a positive social group around you! It is important to live life and not worry! Be sure to get a regular check up with your doctor as insurance ! Read more...