I have very small pieces ok skin coming out from my body (eye back under arm). Can my dermatologist cut them without a biopsy first?

Yes; skin tags. Benign skin tag likely. These are common protrusions of normal skin that tend to crop up in areas of the body, usually in creases around arm pits, groin, eyelids, neck. May be clipped without anesthesia or with. If classic appearance without atypical appearance , then complete excision may be performed without histo-pathological tissue evaluation.
Yes. A skin tag medically known as an acrochordon is a benign skin lesion that occurs usually around the neck, armpits, groin, eyelids or any skin with creases. Commonly seen in people who are overweight, have diabetes and in pregnant women. Unless they are causing pain or discomfort or become irritated by clothing no treatment is needed. Otherwise they.Are removed quite readily by a dermatologist.