What does an extraction blood clot and a dry socket look like? I see white in my socket with a slight pain. Should I be worried?

Color not the issue. A dry socket is when the blood clot is lost. If not the same day as the extraction, lightly rinse with salt water. if after the rinse there is something mushy in the site, whether red or white, it is likely healing. If there is a deep hole with nothing inside, you might have a dry socket. The white down deep may be the bone. A dull ache is common in healing, but dry socket is usually more intense.

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I've lost the blood clot on my molar less than 24 hours after extraction. Will I now definitely get dry socket? The pain is only slightly worse now.

Dry socket. Not necessarily that you will have a dry socket as if there was an excess of the clot which came off then you shall be fine. But disturbance of the clot is usually the reason for a dry socket. 24 or less a new clot may develop. Read more...

Both my blood clots have fallen out of my teeth where I had an extraction 4 hours ago, I don't want to get dry socket, what should I do?

Do not panic. Place a gauze pack over the area and bite firmly it will control blood clots. Making sure the gauze remain in place. If oozing is still active, replace gauze as needed every 30-45 minutes. Be careful not to dislodge the blood clot from now on when brushing near the extraction site for 3-4 days. You can carefully wipe the area with a clean, wet gauze pad. Good luck. Read more...