Red angry circle of blister like spots on feet then peels very sore?

On both feet or one? If on both feet, you may want to have a doctor take a look to see if there is an infection or some other underlying cause that can be treated. If you have this on one foot, and there was pain prior to the blistering, this could be a viral eruption, but without knowing your age it's hard to answer that one. Trauma or blisters due to friction are also possible. Are you on medication? let a doc look.
Skin infection. Might indicate skin infection and it usually settles in a few days If it persists you might need to see the doctor to assess the need for medication and to assess for alternative diagnosis.
Fungal infection. It is difficult to comment without seeing a picture but this sounds like Tinea pedis or Athletes foot which is a fungal infection that affects the feet. For further information, refer to this link:

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My sons tip of fingers and bottom of feet are peeling. They look like little blisters that have popped. Not red or sore?

Desquamation. This is is called desquamation, and the causes are many. Fungal infections, previous viral infections and late Kawasaki disease are some of the causes. Read more...
Dermatologist. For this to occur on both feet and hands means that it is a systemic disease process unless there is some contact/allergic cause or something ingested.see a skin doctor. Read more...