My daughter is two and was prescribed cefdinir for an ear infection she now has dihrrea. Should I stop it? She has taken 4 doses

Not necessarily. Antibiotics can cause diarrhea by killing off the good bacteria in the gut. The diarrhea isn't an allergy. Best thing is to do a probiotic to replace the good bacteria and help mitigate the diarrhea. However, since any antibiotic can do this, you're better off properly treating the ear infection. The diarrhea will resolve.
Antibiotics. Can add yougurt to her diet, works as a good natural probiotic, please finish the antibiotics.
Can happen. Antibiotics can cause diarrhea. I recommend taking probiotics with it. Avoid milk also.
Probiotics. You can give her 1 packet of pediatric culturelle mixed in food to help with the diarrhea . Also you can give activia yogurt or yo plus yogurt. Don't be surprised if her stool is reddish in color. This can happen with cefdinir.