I have had Laryngitis or voice loss for 6 days now, it comes and goes. In the past 24 hours I have been suffering from a choking sensation.

Consult doctor . There are a few possibilities. May just be phlegm stuck in the larynx (voice box) however it's important to get reviewed in case this is something different like a tracheitis (windpipe infection) or a supraglottitis (infection above the voice box) which can affect breathing and swallowing. May also need to consider reflux Please see doctor urgently if breathing or swallowing difficulties .
Laryngitis. Laryngitis is not usually of significant concern, if it has been going on for less than two weeks. That is the general cut off at which point we would start to be more concerned about that problem. Short-term laryngitis could be due to an upper respiratory infection, allergies, or a lower respiratory infection with a cough. See your primary care doctor initially for a thorough evaluation.