What is mucosal edema of right maxillary sinus and mucous retention cyst?

Mucous membrane. Often this is from an allergic reaction. If the thickening is significant, one needs to consider an infection in the sinuses. Do note that pregnancy itself can cause nasal congestion (especially if you have never had nasal symptoms prior to your pregnancy).
Common finding. On CT of the sinuses,: means thickening of the mucosal lining of the sinus, and some small sac (cyst) with retained secretions may be present, has no effect unless it blocks the drainage of the sinus itself into the nasal cavity. Take care.

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What does there is a mucous retention cyst and mucousal edema in antrum of right maxillary sinus mean? All other sinus pnuematized. Bad infection?

Sinus cyst. A common finding in sinus fils or CT scan. Often seen in allergic patients. Mucocele (mucosal cyst) in sinus can be seen in 20% of asymptomatic normal patients. Mucosal edema is consistent with allergic patient and does not require surgery unless there are repeated sinus infections. Read more...

Ct results: minor mucosal changes in the paranasal sinuses seen in the maxillary sinus regions with mucous retention cysts. Possible cause?

Not to worry. I see a fair proportion of my patients demonstrating these in their sinuses as an incidental finding on ct scan. They very rarely require any sort of surgical intervention and should be differentiated from a mucocele (which are different. Allergies, sinusitis, mucosal irritation lead to these fluid filled "sacs". Read more...

There is semi circumscribed t2 hyperintensity in the right maxillary sinus. Retention cyst, right maxillary sinus. Please translate?

Retention cysts in. The maxillary sinuses are not uncommon and usually do not cause symptoms. They are very thin walled, fluid filled sacs. Unless they obstruct the sinus ostia or are associated with other sinus disease they are usually left untreated. These are often serendipitous findings on head ct's or mri's performed for unrelated reasons. Read more...