My nipples hurt when I touch them?

Before period? . Female breast sensitivity is changing w hormonal stimulation during months. More tender, sensitive before period. Make sure to wear confortable bra. Check breast for changes, rashes., discharge. Check pregnancy test too, .. see Doc if continues . Sexual stimulation makes nipples also more " tender". .
Nipple problems . Can be a variety of reasons including dermatitis/nipple eczema and other breast conditions. Easier to come to a diagnosis with a doctor examination and recommend you see them to assess further .

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Why my nipples hurt when I touch them?

Well . Most women's nipples hurt when you touch them or read them too much. If this continues see a doctor in person for see MD for evaluation and treatment. This can also be a sign of hormone in balance or infection. But it can often be a normal response everybody's nipples have different sensitivity. Read more...

My back aches, I have period pains, my nipples hurt a little when I touch them and headache attacks me everyday. I want to know what can course all this?

Fibromyalgia. Female with discomfort of back, headaches, tender points & PMD has a systemic disorder. A general medical evaluation is indicated. Absent a specific diagnosis, fibromyalgia rises to a top position on the differential diagnostic list in that all these symptoms can be associated with fibromyalgia, and at which time a Rheumatologist's opinion would be in order. . Read more...