What does CSF is completely effaced at C5-C6 mean?

Read on ! There are 7 cervical vertebrae It means that the disc between C5 and C6 has pressed on the space that has the CSF in it (SUBARACHNOID SPACE) By itself it does not mean much One has to take the symptoms and signs into consideration.

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Smooth Reversal of the cervical lordosis. Minor disc bulge is effacing the CSF anterior to the cord at C5-C6.?

Neck. The reveral of the cervical lordosis is usually from muscle spasms. The bulging disc is pushing against the sac that holds the CSF and spinal cord. You don't mention of it is pushing against the cord itself so I will assume it doesn't. Usually need rest, pain meds and muscle relaxers. Keep all your appointments with your doctor. You might benefit from physical therapy too. Hope this helps. Read more...

What to do if I have broad based disc bulge C5 C6 C7 effacing CSF on the anterior spinal cord there is bilateral neurofora?

Depends on symptoms. You are describing a radiographic finding. Many times, people have disc bulges and no symptoms, in which case nothing needs to be done. If you are having neck pain or arm pain or numbness/weakness of the arms, then treatment with therapy to reduce the disc bulge and relieve pressure on the nerve roots or medication for the symptoms may be indicated. . Read more...