Will eye twitching go away once I stop caffeine and drinking coffee?

Probably. If you're consuming a high quantity of caffeine, then probably yes. Other than caffeine withdrawal symptoms, decreasing your caffeine intake is not a bad idea. Other reasons for your eyes to twitch include fatigue and low calcium. Are you getting enough sleep? Are your calcium levels low? Hope this helps!

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Eye twitching for 3 weeks, definetly not from stress, being tired, or caffeine. It happens on and off throughout the day. What could be causing it?

It is VERY common. and sometimes simply without explanation! TRY SQUEEZING YOUR EYELIDS TIGHTLY TOGETHER whenever twitching occurs It will probably stop the twitching and ultimately relieve it permanently Hope this helps! Dr Z. Read more...

Eye twitching with headache could this just be stress? I did have caffeine tea

Possible. Common causes for eye twitching are surface issues (dryness, irritation), fatigue, caffeine intake, and sometimes for now apparent reason. Read more...