I have colon ulcer for 4 years?

Clarify. I am not sure what your question is. Are you asking if you could have an ulcer in your colon for the last four years? Asking what to do about colonic ulcerations? Consider clarifying. .
Bowel ulcers. Can be solitary related to constipation or part of an inflammatory condition such as ulcerative colitis. Are you able to give a question with more details and we can then try to provide some information .

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I have sever diverticulosis for years ; but I think I have coaltis and ulcers in my colon?

Then. you need a colonoscopy! you should visit your gastroenterologist for further evaluation. if you have bleeding you will likely benefit from going to the ER. Read more...
Colonoscopy. That is the only true way to see if you have co-existing colitis or not with your diverticulosis. Read more...