Light stinging after urination with no discharge, pain, swelling, burning?

Urethritis. This could be just irritation, UTI, or a STI. Would go to your doctor and dip the urine to see what if anything is in the urine if it persists.

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Burning around Vestibule when wiping after urination or cleaning in the shower. Stings when touched. No discharge, swelling, redness or anything else.

Vaginal burning. Vaginal burning without any signs of infection or a growth suggests one of two causes. Number one, the use of colored not white toilet paper when wiping which cause burning/irritation from the colored dye. Number two, a harsh soap or shower gel that interacts with the vagina which has a mild acidic pH. Most soaps are extremely alkaline except Dove, Caress and Ivory which are suitable for the area. Read more...