Discomfort stomach pain, back pain by the spine and lower right side. Have had conistpation for a month, pee smells.?

Stomach pain. The pain could be related to bad constipation. You need to see your GP and see how they can help with constipation and if they can find a cause for it. Also if urine is smelly , you will need a urine test. .
Abdominal pain. Could be Gastritis, UTI, pancreatitis, bowel issue. Would recommend to go to the GP and have that discussion.
Assessment. Constipation can slow down the bladder and predispose to urine infections, but also a urinary problem such as infection can slow down the gut and cause constipation. So both need to be looked into. Recommend see your doctor for consideration of urine test, possibly other investigations re bowels and treatment of constipation/other issues found. Seek urgent attention if pain is severe or fevers.
See MD . Please see an MD in urgent care. You need a full history and physical exam pregnancy test urinalysis with full urine and blood STI. Fever chills? If so please go to the ER. .
Just a though. but it sounds like you are not drinking enough fluids!! (Concentrated urine /constipation) Hope this help[s! Dr Z.