I am taking trinessa for PCOS. But a week or 2 before my period I still feel exhausted, depressed, & my heart races. Is my birth control not working?

Evaluation. Consider seeing a doctor to go over this complex question. The doctor needs a detailed review of your symptoms and try to determine if this is a recurrent pattern. There is a long list of potential causes and through a careful history and physical they doctor can determine how best to being the evaluation.

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I'm on prozac (fluoxetine) 20 mg. I still feel depressed a whole week before my period & heart races. Do I need to switch to birth control? Or up meds to 30 or 40?

Cbt with meds. For "depressed" episodes make sure therapy strategies are an integral part of your care and wellness plan. Think of increased "doses" of self care strategies in particular when you have discerned patterns or rhythms in your life when you need to gird your posituve mood. Meds can also be considered with your meds prescriber. Hope this may be of use. Read more...