I am experiencing chest congestion. I am over weight and it hard for me to breathe and also when I cough I taste blood?

Chest Infection. You need to see your doctor. You are at risk of getting into trouble if you do not sort it out soon. Please consult with your doctor or go to the hospital for review.
Mgt. Do you have a fever, history of TB exposure? Please see your PCP, and humidifier, nasal saline for nasal congestion, may help.

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I am experiencing cough (quality: blood in phlegm, with phelgm or mucus) and arm pain. The following also describes me: Chest congestion. Green and yellow phlegm with blood. Was prescribed zpak. But afraid to take. Is there a substitute?

Take as prescribed. This sounds like a potentially serious infection, maybe even pneumonia. "Afraid to take" azithromycin (Zpak) is not rational; it is a very safe antibiotic with few side effects. Not treating your infection is MUCH riskier than any potential problem from the antibiotic. Take it as prescribed; if you remain concerned, discuss with the doctor who prescribed it. Read more...