I have hereditary depression. Prozac doesn't work; and Lexapro and Effexor had terrible side affects. Counselling will not work. What are my options?

Don't GIve Up. Don't give up. Treatment does work. There are many different medications that can be used in combination with therapy.
Add ability . Sorry you aren't feeling well. Don't worry there are options. You can add ability to your SSRI and Wellbutrin with SSRIs can reduce some of the side effects. Most of all please believe you will get better eat healthy exercise believe in yourself. You can do it. Full history and more in depth examination of any depression, mania, psychomotor agitation, psychosis required. We believe in you. .

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I have depression and Prozac doesn't work well; and Lexopro and Effexor had terrible side affects. Counselling will not help. What are my options?

See doctor . Counselling won't help? Have you tried and to no avail? It can be very effective without drug side effects but doesn't work for everyone. There are a number of other medical strategies. Can augment treatment by adding in another medication or there are a few other less used alternatives. Seeing your doctor to look at these options or referral to a psychiatrist may be helpful. Good luck . Read more...
See doctor . There are other medications available. Please consult your doctor. . Read more...