My brother passed away from lymphoma and last year while I was pregnant I had mono. Now suddenly I am experiencing swollen lymph nodes in my left sid?

Freaks you out I bet. This cancer is not contagious, genetically determined, or mono side effect.However, the timing & circumstance is freaky.You are likely not going to rest until you have it checked out and that is a normal feeling. It is most likely something entirely unrelated, but calm dawn for a bit and make a plan to go in in the next few days.

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My husband had mono 3 years ago and whenever we have sex more than a couple times a day he gets very swollen lymph nodes. He said this has been occurr?

Swollen lymph nodes. from having sexual relations is quite rare on its' own. He must be checked for underlying medical conditions. You did not mention exactly where the lymph nodes are located. He needs and examination and blood testing. Read more...