I found a dark color spot on my left breast is like a mole but it does not itch or hurt. What can it be?

The most difficult. part of taking care of dermatological issues over the internet is the inability to "see" the skin lesion in question. There are many possible causes of the spot you are asking about. It cannot be differentiated over the internet. Make an appointment with a health care professional and get it checked out.

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My left breast has red spots kinda like whelps right above the areola and it itches really bad. What could this be?

Itchy Breast. Paget's disease of the nipple is a rare form of breast cancer and on the surface, has the same symptoms of nipple eczema: crusty, scaling rash with the sensation of burning and itchiness. It usually occurs on just one nipple, so if the rash on just one nipple persists, it is best to get a thorough exam for the peace of mind. I usually time it with my annual gynecology exam. Read more...