I woke up at night with my left leg feeling swollen and numb. It was gone next morning. There is a sore spot behind and below my left knee.

Leg swelling. If true swelling of the leg occurs and there is discomfort or tenderness behind the knee or in the calf, phlebitis is a concern and a leg ultrasound is recommended. A Baker's cyst is another possibility. In any event I feel that you should be examined by a physician and he/she will order any appropriate tests.

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What could be causing the numbness in knee? About 1 month ago, I slipped and landed on my left knee. It was extremely painful at the time of the incident, and mildly tender, swollen, and bruised a couple of days after. Currently it is not painful to w

Numbness . Numbness restricted to the lateral (outside) part of the leg (to doctors, the leg is part of the lower limb below the knee) without associated weakness can be explained by damage to the lateral sural cutaneous nerve, which is a branch of the fibular (also known as the common peroneal) nerve. Read more...