I want to know if posterior uveitis and dysphagia are both related to some kind of autoimmune disorder? . because first I had uveitis, now dysphagia.

Autoimmunity? A full medical history including family history and review of systems is in order. Dysphagia is a very common symptom and does not itself suggest autoimmunity even in the setting of uveitis which should be examined and treated by an ophthalmologist. Studies show certain autoimmune diseases can present this way but they are less likely and a meticulous physical exam and lab work would establish Dx .

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Is posterior uveitis, oropharyngeal dysphagia, and gingivostomatitis all related to an autoimmune disorder which is attacking my immune system?

Could be. but it's the other way around, it is your immune system that is attacking your tissues in auto immune diseases, whether what you have is related to one of those diseases, is yet to be ruled in. Kindly see a rheumatologist through your primary doctor for evaluation, good luck. Read more...

I had posterior uveitis 5 years ago and was told that it's an autoimmune disorder. Then 2 years ago I developed dysphagia. Are both of these related?

Unlikely . Dysphagia is a broad term, can be due to several causes, could be due to an auto-immune process too, but not related the posterior uveitis that you had before and resolved. You want to keep the follow up with your primary doctor, specialist input as a gastroenterologist/ rheumatologist, may be needed if symptoms recur or persist, good luck . Read more...