What's a home remedy for wrinkles on the face?

Tons! There are tons of home remedies out there, the problem is nobody knows if they work because they are not typically studied.Seeking help from a plastic surgeon or dermatologist is best. Products that patients have tried and say "work" include Manuka Honey Masks, and a green tea mask. Both of these are used in skin care products so it makes sense they might help on their own. Ever think about Botox?
Rest + sun avoidance. It seems easy to look at a person's face and instantly tell how well rested he/she is. It is also straightforward to determine how much sun exposure (or tanning) has occurred recently and over the long run. Whether or not this is specifically because of wrinkles, it certainly is the difference between looking old or appearing younger. Also makes sense to drink lots of water. So, avoid sun + rest.

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Is there a home remedy for face wrinkles?

Try These. Try these options: http://www.top10homeremedies.com/home-remedies/home-remedies-for-wrinkles.html However, you'll likely note minimal change. If so, consider a consultation with a dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon. Read more...