31m Any docs tell me I should do next. Bronchoscope / endo / colon / Ct. Scan chest / abdom MRI head. Blood test CBC / Lyme / Antibidy / hiv / serum / 5hiaa / echo / holter! Psyc says I'm fine. Heart beat pace/rest feels weak chest fullness cancer?

Somatizing? This is classic. I strongly suspect you are in a difficult life situation and this itself is causing your symptoms. This is the commonest single thing that we see in clinical medicine. The normal sensations of a living body are registering as sickness. If I'm wrong, forgive me -- but these testes would pick up anything serious. I'd urge you to hit the gym hard & build quality friendships.
Stop. Stop getting tests. One of these times you are going to get an unnecessary procedure that hurts you. So many tests done at such a young age suggests over testing to me. .
What next? You need to do 2nd opinion with me or another Internist to figure out what is going on.