39 yo extremely dense fibrocystic breasts w/well-circumscribed macrolobulated hypoechoic mass 11:00 left breast 3cm above nipple BIRAD 4? Cancer?

No easy answer. It is imperative that you talk with the physician who took care of you. There are many possibilities and I would have to know more about these findings to give you my best opinion.

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4 months of stabbing pain through left breast starting at nipple straight through to back. No lumps but have history of fibrocystic breasts.

Ribs. This is most likely an intercostal neuralgia, or irritation of the nerve associated with each rib. The pain is sharp, and stabbing, often radiating from breast area to the back. Gastroesphageal reflux, particularly with hiatal hernia may cause similar symptoms. Diagnostic workup may include thoracic ct / MRI to exclude aneurysm. Read more...