I been trying for almost a year to get pregnant by my husband and nothing occured. What can I do to get pregnant?

How to get pregnant. Simple: track ovulation and timing of sex; get healthy (no smoking or excess alcohol); see pcp for health update. Complex: see fertility expert for testing (make diagnosis important), if 35 yo or more then consult after 6 months; choose most cost-effective treatment. Fertility expert: rei trained or large % of practice is infertility.
See RE/I. If you have been unable to conceive after one year of trying you should seek the advise of your obgyn or an infertility specialist. Simple tests will be done to determine the cause including checking the tubes, ovaries and sperm count. Based on these tests a treatment plan will be made. Data suggests the longer you wait to seek the care of a specialist the less likely you are to be successful.