I have fark circles under my eyes?

Dark circles. Dark circles around the eyes have different causes. I suggest going to a facial plastic surgeon for a consult to better understand the reason. There are various effective treatments for certain causes of dark eyes including the use of skin bleaching agents, dermal fillers, lasers and certain creams. Dark circles can be due to allergies, decrease in lower eyelid fat, hyperpigmentation and nutrition.
Another possibility. There's another reason for dark circles under the eyes. It could mean venous congestion under the eyes due to the lining in your nose being too swollen. The nasal lining is full of engorged blood vessels and the blood backs up to underneath the eyes and thus darkens the area. This condition is called allergic shiners and maybe seen with allergies or even a cold.
FARK CIRCLES? You probably mean dark circles. Other than getting a good night's rest, there really is nothing that works for this. You can try a concealer that you can purchase at a cosmetic counter in drugstores. Dark circles, also called "bags under the eyes", often run in families.