Would a transabdominal-pelvic ultrasound detect an ectopic pregnancy at 9 weeks?

Maybe. The accuracy of a transabdominal pelvic ultrasound will depend on several factors: the level of the blood betaHCG tests, (not the LMP or estimated weeks of pregnancy) the skills and experience of the sonographer, (Certified Registered Technician) the quality and resolution power of the ultrasound machine, its number of MegaHertz, the location of the ectopic pregnancy (tubal,ovarian, cervical..)
Possibly, but. a transvaginal ultrasound would have a better chance. Note that the role of US is primarily to document the absence of an intrauterine pregnancy in the presence of rising/elevated pregnancy hormones to help diagnose ectopic pregnancy. The ectopic itself isn't always visualized, and doesn't have to be, to make the diagnosis .

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Pain in the pelvic region right side and motions. Took Plan B on 22/10 (fertile period) within 2 hours of unprotected sex. Ectopic pregnancy?

Pregnancy test. Pelvic/abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding are common symptoms, these are rarely present this early though. Is there a risk/reason for concern about ectopic?If so, do a home test and consult your doctor if positive, do not rely on symptoms. Read more...

How soon can a sonogram detect ectopic pregnancy? I'm 3 days late with positive test. Last period april 1.

Another week or two. You'd be 5 weeks counting from your last period. Pretty early to see the pregnancy in either the tube or the uterus. Have you had previous ectopics? See your provider. A good plan is to get pregnancy hormone blood tests drawn every few days then an ultrasound in a week or so. It's good that you are seeking medical care early. Read more...