31 m - dads brother died of lukemia at 21. Chance I have it? Been sick these past 6 months did CBC blood smear and all kinds of tests normal. Ruled out stomach and lung. Having constant chest pain breathing and headaches for 5 months. Test do I need?

Heme Onc. Sorry you are under so much stress. Depending on the type of leukemia and lymphoma there is not usually an inherited component but some risk factors can be inherited. I recommend a Hematology Consult for a careful physical exam and some imaging. Good luck to you. Read:https://www.cancer.org/cancer/acute-lymphocytic-leukemia/causes-risks-prevention/risk-factors.html.
Chest pain. Hey Ali, What was the bronchoscopy result? No you do not have leukemia if your CBC is normal. I hope you are well otherwise Take care.
Not leukemia. Your tests have ruled out leukemia. Your symptoms are quite suggestive of chronic anxiety and tension. Have a treadmill stress test to reassure you about your heart. A simple head ct scan will give you peace of mind about your tension type headaches. A consultation with a psychologist or psychiatrist for stress management would be very helpful.