I am experiencing cloudy urine (quality: strong odor).?

In healthy males. a cloudy/strong odor usually is based upon 1. your level of HYDRATION (cncentrated urine smells more and is more "cloudy") Your diet also influences urine odor (asparagus a good example) Hope this info helps! Dr Z.

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I am experiencing cloudy urine (quality: strong odor). I have IC could it be that?

Unclear, but... Before being diagnosed to have IC, I am sure you had been treated with antibiotics. If so, have antibiotics helped you improve UTI-related Sx - dysuria, frequency, & urgency, but bladder irritation still persists. Then you might have IC with superimposed UTI. So, go to be checked for sure. To put all related things together correctly, go to http://formefirst.com/onDealSickness.html. Best wish to.. Read more...